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Hello, I'm Louise

As a woman in post-menopause, I know how important it is to embrace wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  This formula works well to help us all lead a healthy and robust lifestyle as we age.  Wellness combines physical (Sarah's classes) and Mental (physical and mental exercises).  Exercising and gaining strength, Breathwork, and wellness support are all steps towards a vibrant lifestyle as we age.  Developing good habits that work for your peri-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal body and mind can help decrease cortisol levels (reduce stress and needless fat storage), reduce anxiety levels and improve overall health and well-being. It will help your body and mind move towards healing, clarity, health, and happiness.  

Eldercare Support Services: as a coach, I have met with many clients dealing with the rollercoaster ride of eldercare in Canada and the US.  I've discovered that my clients need more than a coach.  They need an advocate, support system, administrative and research assistant.  Someone who will meet with them, their family, and their aging parents if able to and who will help them gather all the information they need to make an informed decision with their parents as to what their future care needs will be and what they would like to see around those needs.  These services will help you ask the right questions.  Deal with uncomfortable decisions, find help in all areas you need and move towards the best possible solutions for your parent or parents based on income, timing, location, etc.


I am a certified breathwork instructor. I have studied with several well-known and respected breathwork instructors.  As I taught their methods, I realized that my clients were mostly over 40 and that, in this stage of life and onwards, women needed a more focused and curated breathwork formula to help with their specific hormonal, physical and mental changes.  I developed a unique combination of breathwork techniques, specifically focused on the peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal woman.

Cortisol - It's a natural function of our hormonal system.  If you are living with cortisol in your system (high-stress lifestyle - high response to stress), your body can gain weight quickly (mainly around the midsection and upper back), weight gain and puffiness and rounding of the face, acne, thinning skin, easily bruise, flushed face, slowed healing, muscle weakness, severe fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating, headaches.  This can lead to high blood pressure and a constant feeling of tension.​  The benefits of managing your cortisol levels daily are lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation, better skin, improved digestion and metabolism, a boost in mood, and enhanced focus and energy.

By prioritizing our fitness and wellness and establishing self-care habits, we can recharge ourselves, feel rejuvenated, and improve our overall health and mental outlook.

Class and Service Descriptions

Eldercare Support Services


Current Schedule:

Eldercare Support Services are available online or in person.


In Person, Louise is available every Thursday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm to meet at your home - Book Online

Online, Louise is available anytime or day of the week, email Louise to book directly.


Louise offers eldercare support to those caring for aging parent(s) who may feel alone or lost in their new responsibilities and expectations. 

The Eldercare Support System allows her clients to hire one person to act as a personal advocate, research assistant, and administrative support person. Someone to work alongside you to help you achieve your and your family's goals when making decisions and caring for an aging parent. This isn't coaching or therapy; it's an arranged meeting where we discuss your aging parent('s) needs and then spring into action. Over the course of 6 sessions (within 6 months) and unlimited communication via email and text.  Our team will research with you or independently based on the plan decided by your family or yourself (this is up to you). We will devise a plan, make appointments, meet with services and visit homes alongside you so that you have someone to help you make the best decisions possible. This way, you can continue focussing on your work and family, knowing that your "solutions team" is on it. We will remain in touch via email or text and never make any decisions without your and your family's full permission. You will always be provided with multiple options. We will ensure these options are legitimate and well-rated in the community.

Louise enjoys getting things done for her clients. She has worked with private clients for many years, helping them navigate change, eldercare, illness, family disruptions, personal decisions, injury, loss, and life events. Louise provides eldercare support to individuals who are caring for an aging parent. She understands this can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, and many people may feel lost or alone in this new role. 

Louise's Podcast - The Rollercoaster of Eldercare


Breathwork Classes are offered Online.  Louise offers Private 1:1 online breathwork sessions and group online breathwork classes.  Gather your friends and experience breathwork together.  

Private - Online individual and group sessions are available any time of the day or week; contact Louise directly to book (for group bookings, Minimum people - 5+ online).  


Why not book a private breathwork class for you alone or a private group class (offered online) and bring your friends, family, coworkers or clients? Online group or private breathwork classes can be booked any time on any day of the week. Contact Louise directly to book.


"Breath awareness is self-awareness. When the breath flows fully and freely, our natural creative and healing energies flow fully and freely." 

Dan Brule

Breathwork can help with:

  • Release toxins from the body

  • Increase energy and Boost the Immune System

  • Strengthen your lungs

  • increase. self-awareness

  • eliminate chronic pain

  • improve sleep

  • promote digestive health

  • release trauma and fear

  • increase self-love

  • emotional balance

  • increase self-confidence

  • stress relief and deep relaxation

  • Relief from anxiety and depression

  • Stronger respiratory function.

Breathwork, is for everyone. It is safe. You wear comfy clothing, lie on a mat with a pillow under your knees and head, snuggle in with a blanket, close your eyes and follow your breathwork instructor. It will take some focus and work to get your brain and body used to this style of breathing (Conscious Connected Breathwork), but once you get the process after a few classes, it flows easily. If you've ever had difficulty with meditation or other mindfulness practices, breath work offers all the same benefits. 


Article in

Humans spend too much time in our neural sympathetic "fight/flight" phase, and our bodies never seem to relax fully. Breathwork helps you do just that. By bringing your nervous system out of sympathetic to parasympathetic, you can boost your immune system, dramatically reduce cortisol levels, increase your metabolism and teach your body and mind to relax and reboot again.

I guide breathwork classes because I believe in the positive effects it can bring us. The first time I attended a breathwork class was in 2016. I was surprised at the robust response I felt in my very first class. I was breathing as instructed, not expecting much, when I felt a huge wave of forgiveness. I cried tears of relief when I felt it because I realized I'd been holding on to blame and anger surrounding a situation in my personal life for too long. It was eating away at me mentally. I was angry, resentful and exhausted. I was sad, sluggish, irritable, not feeling myself, with no idea why. With this clarity, I understood that the forgiveness I felt was entirely for me, and I felt free of the weight and surprised at the strength of emotion. These responses may not happen to you in your first class, but you will leave feeling refreshed, clear and calm. 


I have since gone on to study and attend Breathwork classes from masters around the World. As a regular practice, I truly believe that breathwork can enhance our health and well-being. It's like a deep meditative state that can help you clear your mind and reset the brain/body to achieve its very important neural parasympathetic "rest and digest" phase. 

Clothing: Wear loose clothing, and have a blanket or warm jacket nearby to keep you comfortable while lying on your mat. No experience is necessary. 

Most Common Contraindications to Breathwork: (If in doubt, reach out to discuss and/or check with your Physician.)

  • cardiovascular issues

  • High or abnormal blood pressure (if controlled by medication, consult your Physician)

  • history of aneurysms

  • epilepsy or history of seizures

  • heavy medications

  • severe psychiatric symptoms like psychosis or paranoia

  • bipolar 

  • depression

  • osteoporosis

  • recent surgery

  • glaucoma and other eye concerns (consult your Physician)

  • pregnancy

  • active addiction

  • mental illness if you're not in treatment or lack adequate support

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